Gisborne to Whakatane

Another day, another town. Today we say goodbye to Gisborne and head to Whakatane. I’m getting used to the long-distance driving and starting to enjoy it. The fact that there is absolutely no traffic is probably one of the reasons for this. Back at home, I could sit in two hours of traffic just to go 25 miles. It’s ridiculous.

As we head out of Gisborne, my mom and I make a stop at Kaiti Lookout. It’s got a pretty nice view overlooking the town. With the beach on one side and the mountains on the other, it gives us a wonderful perspective of the surrounding area. Along the way, we spot some horses happily grazing in a field.

By the time we leave Gisborne, it takes the rest of the day to get to Whakatane. We spend an hour or so locating accommodation for the night by reading through my guidebook and stopping by the local tourist information office.

The hostel we end up at seems new and everything is really clean. The common area includes a pretty large kitchen with a nice amount of cookware and dishes. There’s a lounge with a huge tv, couches and a dining table.

However, the interesting thing about this place is that it used to be a funeral parlor! If my mom had known this ahead of time, she would never have agreed to stay there. Despite this, and if I’m perfectly honest, it was one of the nicer spots we visited.

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