Road Tripping New Zealand

My mom and I have traveled for several days now and have experienced great weather. But, just when you start to think that it’s always sunny with blue skies over here, thick, dark clouds appear over the next hill. The weather can change that quickly.

However, even with the treat of rain, the scenery is still beautiful. The clouds make the land look ominous. It’s almost as though the air is crackling in anticipation of a storm.

Still, the driving isn’t affected because the roads in New Zealand are amazingly well kept. There are rarely any potholes, and the only places that are bumpy are the areas they are fixing up and repaving. It makes driving these windy roads pure bliss.

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2 responses to “Road Tripping New Zealand

  1. Kris

    Sounds like your mother’s visit is going well. What does she think about New Zealand?

  2. She’s amazed at how green it is and can’t get over how smooth the roads are.

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