Out and About in Wellington

Today we took the car and drove to Owhiro Bay and up to Mount Wellington for some spectacular views of the city. We also spent a lot of time exploring the exhibits at Te Papa Tongarewa.

Owhiro Bay was pleasant, especially since the sun was out and burning bright. It was a small cove that could’ve been found in Hawaii. While we were admiring the water, a local named Don stopped to chat with us. He said that people surfed in this area, but no one was out today because the waves were pretty tired and flat.

He told us how this used to be a haven for people who just wanted to chill out. However, now the property surrounding this quiet area was worth a pretty penny. I suppose this is true for all property with ocean views and easy access to the beach. Being so close to the city is another bonus.

After not-so-subtly extricating ourselves from Don (boy, this guy could talk and talk), we headed to Mount Wellington and some stunning views of the city. Many people hiked up the mountain, which reminded me a lot of Mount Tantalus in Honolulu but with less trees overhanging the road. From the top, you could see the airport, Cuba Street, Te Papa and the surrounding suburbs. It made for a pretty cityscape, even though the wind was whipping around us.

By this time, we were ready for something different so we headed back to the hotel to drop off the car. After a quick bite to eat, we went to Te Papa and played around for a few hours. They had some new exhibits that weren’t there the last time I visited so I enjoyed myself a lot. All in all, I think we had a good day.

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