Return to Wellington Botanic Gardens

When we visited Wellington Botanic Gardens, I was happy to see that the weather was a lot better than the first time I’d been there. Since we couldn’t check into our hotel across the street just yet, I wanted to show my mom around the gardens and see how different it looked with some flowers blooming and . . . well, without the snow.

We strolled around the grounds and stopped for photos among the flowers. The area was a lot bigger than I remembered, and it was really nice to see the different kinds of flora. The rose garden was especially nice and the surrounding area was very popular with families.

We walked along tree-covered tracks in the cool Wellington air with clear skies and the sun high above us. While there were lots of people around, it felt like we were the only ones there.

I truly cannot grasp this concept despite having been in this country for so long. I know there’s more land than people to use it, but the isolation that you can find, even within major cities, is still surprising to me. It’s really nice, especially since Oahu is often so crowded.

The time we spent in the garden was nice and peaceful. We had a chance to chat and reflect on life. We relaxed and looked forward to continuing our adventure by thoroughly exploring the city in the upcoming days.

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