One Dollar Bus Tickets are Real

I always thought that those one-dollar bus tickets with InterCity or Naked Bus were just a ploy so people would look at their websites, but, surprisingly, they’re real!

I scored a one-dollar ticket from Rotorua to Auckland and met up with Marilyn for dinner. We ate at an Italian place in the city before retiring to her house. She kindly let me stay with her overnight and took me to the airport the next morning so I could meet up with my mom. My mom was flying in from Hawaii and we planned to rent a car and travel around the North Island together for the next three weeks.

While it would be nice to see my mom again, I don’t know if we’ll both survive the coming weeks. You know how moms are, and three weeks is definitely a long time to spend together. Add traveling and being around one another 24/7 and it’s almost like putting yourself through your own personal challenge. I’m sure we’ll both come out of it just fine.


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One response to “One Dollar Bus Tickets are Real

  1. kris

    Three weeks with mom? Hope you have separate rooms, just kidding. However, that is one of the criteria for how I picked my wife. “Can we spend 24/7 with each other for weeks at a time, without going insane.” Immagine living how irritating living with yourself for three weeks would be. Anyone that can put up with that is a keeper. 🙂

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