Adventures at Rainbow Springs

With my time in Rotorua coming to an end, Maria and I decided to visit Rainbow Springs on our day off. Rainbow Springs is a kiwi conservation and breeding center, an animal park and attraction all in one. It’s one of the places where you can see kiwi in their natural habitat – day and night.

We caught the bus there and spent several hours at the park visiting with the birds and reptiles on location. We rode The Big Splash twice, but I think I enjoyed it a lot more than Maria did. It’s a boat ride that takes you through New Zealand’s history and has a big water slide at the end. Fun!

I had a nice day out with good company. It made me wish there were more days like this. Instead of hopping on the bus, we decided to walk back home. It wasn’t very far – a couple kilometers maybe – and the weather was nice. Even after we had a bite to eat at Wendy’s, it wasn’t too chilly so we continued on our way home. Good times.

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