More Goodbyes and a Night Out

Times are changing and people are moving on. It’s sad to see them go but, of course, this is life, especially when you’re traveling. Lennard is trading in his apron for hiking boots to continue his travels around New Zealand. Marilyn, however, is moving up to Auckland as she’s done with her nursing courses in Rotorua. She’s got some nursing jobs lined up in the city that will hopefully turn into permanent residency in New Zealand.

Their departure feels like the end of an era. Along with Cat, we’ve worked together for as long as I’ve been at Nuvolari. What will Cat and I do without them? We’ll have to find new friends with whom to commiserate as the restaurant is a stressful place sometimes. But no matter who is hired, no one will be able to replace them.

On Marilyn’s last night, the plan was to meet at Pig & Whistle after the restaurant closed up for a small goodbye party. Unfortunately, by the time Marilyn and her friend Velita arrived, Alice and Ruth had left and Pig & Whistle was shutting down for the night. It wasn’t extremely late, but then again, this is Rotorua.

With Maria, my flatmate and colleague at Crank, I met the girls outside the Pig and we went to Heaven and Hell. It was the only thing besides Lava Bar that was be open. When we entered, it was all white interior, fake smoke and strobe lights. I guess this is the Kiwi version of some European dance club.

We headed to the bar for some drinks and saw Brody and Dan, guys who also worked at Nuvolari. They were with a few friends and joined us when we sat down for a bit. It was weird seeing them outside the kitchen and dressed in something other than board shorts and old t-shirts. The boys cleaned up real nice. Even though we were in good company, Heaven and Hell really lacked a lot of atmosphere. All the bells and whistles couldn’t make up for the fact that there weren’t many people inside.

After our drinks, we decided to give good ol’ Lava Bar a try. The last few times I’d been there the music had been terrible so I wasn’t very hopeful. Surprisingly, they were rocking some good stuff though so we immediately hit the dance floor. The area is smaller than Heaven and Hell’s but people still danced the night away, which made the environment a lot more fun.

We ended up dancing the night away and staying till they kicked us out. This was particularly amazing for me as I am an old lady and haven’t done this in a while. Plus, I had to open up the hostel at 7:30 in the morning, just a few hours away. Nice! Still, it was great to have one last night of fun with Marilyn before she left town.

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One response to “More Goodbyes and a Night Out

  1. Kris

    Looked like you had lots of fun partying like a rock star. As far as an old lady comment, I don’t buy that one for a second. From the pics, you look fab! Love this post.

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