Goodbye Old Friends

Charlyn and Radek are off for South America. I can’t believe we’ve only worked together for about five months. It feels like a lot longer. I suppose when you’re isolated in a town that’s not your own, bonds form a lot quicker than normal. Plus, they’re just good people in general and I’m going to miss them a lot.

For Radek’s last night shift, Charlyn, Cris and I hung out at reception and helped clean up for the last time. We cleaned the reception and lounge area and threw away rubbish. In the kitchen, we washed dishes and wiped down the stove. Apparently, there are tons of dishes to do at night. I don’t envy having to wash up after all the guests. It’s bad enough in the morning with the breakfast dishes, but I think the grease and burnt dinner food are worse.

South America is Radek and Charlyn’s last stop before finally returning home after being on the road for a long time. By the time they arrive in Europe, it’ll be close to two years of traveling for them. Before I left home, even a year of traveling was unfathomable. Now, however, two years doesn’t even seem to be enough time, especially for the number of places they’ve visited. I guess it really comes down to your perspective and frame of reference in the end.

With their departure, there are staff vacancies to fill. Cris began training with Radek in December and will take his shifts. I’m sliding into Charlyn’s dual role of head housekeeper and receptionist. A third person, a girl named Maria from Mexico, will be arriving shortly to pick up the last shift. Hopefully between the three of us, things will continue to run smoothly at the hostel.

For the next three months I’ll work close to 60 hours per week between Nuvolari and Crank. The money will be good, but who knows if I’ll survive to enjoy it. After doing a bit of number crunching, I will, ironically, be working more hours for less pay than if I was working at home. Of course, if I lived and worked at home, I’d never be able to live and work in New Zealand. This, I suppose, is the great equalizer and overrides the illogical means to an end.

So, despite having already been in Rotorua for around four months, I’ve signed on for another three months. I’m not sure whether this is a good decision or not because I could always try another town and another job. But, I really do like it here and it’s turning into a second home for me.

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