Sabroso: Authentic South American Cuisine

If you know me, you know I love nachos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a decent order of nachos since arriving in New Zealand. I’ve tried them everywhere, especially in Rotorua, but none were very authentic until Sabroso.

A husband and wife team own the Sabroso, and the wife grew up in South American and knows how to really throw down the Spanish and Latin American flavors. Lennard, Marilyn and I visited Sabroso for dinner one night before Marilyn went to work. All three of us settled on the nachos – Marilyn had the veggie version; Lennard had the chicken version; and I had the beef version.

For the first time since arriving in New Zealand, the corn chips weren’t cheese flavored corn chips. I’m not sure why the Kiwis have a fascination with cheese flavored chips, but they’re served everywhere I’ve had nachos. It’s almost like eating Doritos nachos. What happened to the regular salted corn chips?

Another thing that set Sabroso apart from the rest of the places I’ve been to is that they used real beef. Instead of ground/mince beef, they actually had chucks of shredded beef and chicken. The meat was so tendered that it just fell apart when you bit into it. It was delicious! Whatever they use to marinate the meat is really nice. The meat is flavorful without being overpowering.

Lastly, there were three different kinds of chili sauces that you could use. The heat index ranged from mild to really hot so you can cater it to your specific taste. The interior design of the restaurant is really quaint and the size of the place itself isn’t very big. It almost feels as though you’re in a small South American village and are enjoying a nice meal with close friends. I’ll have to go back and try other things on their menu. I’m sure they’re just as wonderful as the nachos.


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  1. kris

    Who would have thought decent Mexican food would be hard to find in New Zealand?

    Guess Taco-Bell is the standard for Mexican. The stuff won’t get you sick, but it is barely recognizable as food. Glad to hear you have some options. Aloha..

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