Dinner at Capers Epicurean

I finally got a night off at the restaurant and took advantage of that by having dinner with Charlyn at Capers Epicurean. It was nice to sit down and chat because even though we saw each other during housekeeping at the hostel, it was rare that we found the time to hang out. Both of us had second jobs and trying to align our schedules was often troublesome.

In addition to the great company, Charlyn found some vouchers for free drinks and that always makes things better. I can’t remember what she ordered, but I had the chicken platter with a glass of pinot grigio. The platter came with chicken spring rolls, risotto balls, Thai curry chicken, smoked chicken breast with a variety of dipping sauces and loads of sliced French bread and cheese. It was amazing! The selection was great and it was nice to pick at the items. I’m no wine expert, but the pinot grigio was sweet and fruity, just how I like most of my drinks. The interior was nice and had a contemporary feel to it.

Charlyn and I managed to close the place down. We were chatting away and when we looked up, the place was empty and the staff were getting ready to close. All good things must come to an end, and it looked like our girl’s night out was as well. We popped around the corner, heading back to the hostel, and promised we’d do this again real soon.


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