Stonegrilling at Triple 1 Five

Marilyn and I took advantage of a two-for-one voucher at Triple 1 Five, which is right across the street from Nuvolari. Normally, this type of meal would be a no-brainer at home, but since I’m backpacking, this is really a splurge and deviation from my home cooked pasta. Still, having worked at Crank Backpackers and Nuvolari for a while now, I felt I deserved to treat myself to a nice meal. And with such good company, who could refuse?

Marilyn selected the seafood mix stonegrill while I opted for the meat option. The seafood selection included shrimp/prawns, mussels, calamari and a few other seafoody bits. The meat-eater’s mix had chicken, beef, lamb and venison. Both meals came with salad and quartered potatoes.

When the dishes arrived, the server showed us how to cook and season our food on the heated stone platter. Everything smelled delicious and the crackling sounds of the searing meat was amazing. Marilyn enjoyed her seafood, although she was having difficulty cooking her shellfish through. She wasn’t sure how long to leave it on and was afraid she was eating it more raw than cooked.

I, however, had no problems with my meat. In fact, the stonegrill seemed to be cooking my meat faster than I could consume it. The venison was soft and so delicious, but I really enjoyed the lamb. Funny, before coming to New Zealand, I hadn’t eaten much lamb (just the occasional lamb chop) and never had venison. But after the experience of Triple 1 Five, these two meats became my favorite things ever. This could be influenced by the fact that, in general, I’m eating less meat than I do at home, but still, the food was amazing.

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2 responses to “Stonegrilling at Triple 1 Five

  1. Aunty Sanj

    Wow, everything looks so ono! I don’t know which I would have chosen. I love both seafood and meat. Pork and lamb are my favs.

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