Eating at Nando’s with the Nuvolari Crew

After some effort due to scheduling issues, Marilyn, Cat, Lennard and I were finally able to meet up for brunch. Originally, we planned to meet at Breakers, but when Lennard and I arrived we found that it was closed. A quick change of location and we were meeting the girls at Nando’s.

By the time we arrived, I was starving. I’d just finished my shift at the hostel and was dying for some food. I decided on a three-egg cheese omelet and wasn’t disappointed. At first, I was worried that it wouldn’t be filling as there was no meat with that order. And, oh how I love my bacon. But the eggs and cheese ended up being more than enough for me.

Hanging out with the Nuvolari crew, or I guess you could call us the “new” crew, was fun. Most of us hadn’t worked at the restaurant for very long and Lennard and I were both on working holiday visas, which limits the time you can work at one place anyway.

Hanging out at Nando’s was really enjoyable, especially because we were finally free to talk about work. I mean, this is what you do when you hang out with colleagues outside of the workplace – you complain about work. It reminded me so much of my life at home in Hawaii when I’d get together with friends and everyone would talk about the latest work horror story.

Unfortunately, as it does when you’re having fun, time flew by and Lennard and Cat had to report to the restaurant to open up for lunch. This little break from reality was refreshing and we all promised to do it again sometime.

Since Marilyn and I were both off, we decided to run some errands together. Afterwards, we swung by her place to pick up her dog Tyler and take him for a a walk in the Redwood Forest. We took an easy trail and spent about an hour chatting and comparing life in India with life in Hawaii. Believe me, it appears life in each place is worlds away from each other. I’m not sure I’m ready to experience either in the near future. All in all, it was a good day.


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