International House of Housekeepers

Due to the unfortunate departure of the Malaysian girls, we had two spots to fill on our housekeeping squad. Nic, one of the hostel’s owners, hired Nynke from Holland and Nina from Germany. The ranks of our international housekeeping team quickly filled up and it was back to normal again.

Prior to joining Crank, Nynke had spent time in Tauranga with her extended family who had moved from Holland to New Zealand several years ago. She was relieved to finally be on her own again as living with her aunt and cousins had been a bit stifling. Shortly after being hired, she also took a second job at a hotel and worked with guests at the reception. Like me, she was working at the hostel for accommodation and working at her second job for wages.

Nina, however, was visiting New Zealand on her own. In Germany, she worked as a graphic artist and her long, hot pink hair just screamed out her creativity and individuality. Besides working in the creative arts field, she also did some stints in promotion for large companies and festivals.

I’m not sure how Lasse felt about having to share a room with three girls again, but for me it was a grand old time. Nynke and Nina were great to have around and we had a lot of fun conversations when we could all find the time to hang out together.

As Nynke took more hours at the hotel, she spent less time in our room. Soon, she was debating whether she should get her own place or not. On one hand, it was a bit difficult living in such close quarters and not having too much personal space. On the other hand, she would save more money if she stayed. In the end, she decided to rent a room and try to live the life of a local. That was part of the reason she came to New Zealand in the first place so I think it was a good call in the end, even if it meant we’d be losing another housekeeper and friend.

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