Settling in to Hostel Life

Working at the hostel is going well. Two girls from Malaysia, Voon and Reena, have joined the work-for-accommodation crew. Now there are four of us so the cleaning goes by faster. Everything is getting to be a routine, which is nice as you don’t have to think about how to do things anymore.

Oddly enough, I’m beginning to like cleaning the bathrooms more than the dorm rooms. When I’m assigned the bathrooms, they’re usually quite clean already. Sometimes there’s a lot of toilet paper on the floor or water around the sink basins, but that’s been the worst of it.

The best part of it is that while you’re cleaning, none of the guests are around and you’re left in peace. While we’re cleaning, we post a sign that directs guests to use the other bathrooms. The alone-time is almost zen-like as you’re completely left to your thoughts. I’m sure there’s a meditation that involves working while meditating and I’m probably practicing it at the highest level. I guess that one class in transpersonal psychology, which I took just so my best friend and I could be in the same class, really stuck with me.

On the other hand, the dorm rooms can sometimes be harder to do as people usually book into them for a few nights. That means they’re still in the room when we’re trying to clean, especially on the weekends after partying at Lava Bar. That makes changing the sheets on other beds and vacuuming a bit difficult, but it’s still gotta be done. To hell with their hangovers!


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