Adventures in Waitressing

After about two weeks in Rotorua, I got a trial as a waitress at an Italian restaurant called Nuvolari. I came in for a dinner shift along with another girl named Julia. She’s German and is backpacking around New Zealand with a friend.

We met with Ruth, who explained how the restaurant worked. She showed us the menus, how to place the orders and where to put the dirty dishes. She also demonstrated how to hold the drink tray and balance the wine glasses on it as well as how to carry three plates at one time. It was all a bit overwhelming to me because I’ve had no previous experience in the hospitality or food service industries. Oh, I’ve done my fair share of the eating part but haven’t actually done any of the working part.

When the dinner rush hit, Julia and I delivered the food to the tables. We used a map of the restaurant to figure out what the table numbers were, and everyone else helped us read the food order dockets and identify the dishes. The dockets are hand-written and use a sort of shorthand of the dish names. The trick was to match up the shorthand with what the dishes looked like.

After a couple of hours, Julia and I were able to go home. Our trial was over and we’d passed the test. Geoff, the owner, told us to check back in a couple of days for our schedules. They were updated weekly and available on Sunday for the upcoming week. Looks like I got myself a job! Yay!


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