Housekeeping 101

My first day of housekeeping went well. The hostel can house almost 100 guests and normally has four housekeepers working for accommodation and three paid staff. The two owners take shifts at the reception so they’re on-site a lot of times as well. When I joined the team, there was only one other housekeeper and there was a change in staff.

My first day on the job I learned how to make up the en-suite private rooms. The other housekeeper, Lasse from Germany, probably had to do a bunch of dorm rooms, bathrooms and/or kitchen. He’s been working for about a week.

Charlyn, who’s also German, was in training with me as well. She’s on the paid staff and will be taking over the duties of head housekeeper as well as working at the reception. Her boyfriend, Radek, is working at reception and he’s from Poland. It’s nice not to be the only newbie in the hostel.

The two-shift passed by quickly. Who knew my bed-making skills would ever be of such value? But, while the beds look nice and tidy, I could do with getting a bit faster. It was hard to do all the en-suite rooms and some dorm rooms in time.

All in all, this work for accommodation gig is going pretty well. The work’s not difficult and definitely doesn’t tax your mental reserves. It could potentially be gross depending on how dirty the guests are, but hopefully we won’t get them too often. Besides making up the beds and vacuuming in the rooms, we have to clean three shared bathrooms, the kitchen and the common areas. Easy enough.


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