Work for Accommodation at Crank Backpackers in Rotorua

The day after Lan left was the first day of the end of my vacation. I really needed to find a job now as there would be no more excuses to postpone the search. I got up early to check for any new job postings and found several work for accommodation listings as well as some temporary full-time and part-time jobs. I had long ago widened my search to include work that was not in my field so hopefully this strategy will be to my benefit.

After applying for several positions, I debated what I should do with myself for the rest of the day. A better question would be what to do with myself if I didn’t get a job soon. I still had enough money to hang out in New Zealand for a bit longer, but it wouldn’t last forever and I wasn’t ready to go home yet.

To my surprise, I received a call from Josh at Crank Backpackers in Rotorua a few minutes later. He explained the job to me – housekeeping for two hours per day with a minimum commitment of two weeks in exchange for a bed in the staff’s four-bed dorm, one hour of internet per day and use of the laundry. The offer sounded like a good deal to me because it would get me out of the expensive city and cover some of my living expenses. I decided to take the job and booked a seat on an Intercity bus for the following day.

The next morning I checked out of my hostel and hiked down Queen Street to the Sky City bus terminal. Apparently I had picked up some things along the way because my backpack was bulging at all sides, and it felt like I was carrying a brick house on my back. Despite the oversized baggage issues, I made it to the terminal on time. After making sure the driver loaded my stuff into the bus, I hopped aboard and took a window seat in preparation for the four-hour ride ahead of me.


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