Reconnecting with a Friend

On Lan’s first day in Auckland we decided to take a walk so she could see the city. We walked along Karangahape and Ponsonby roads and stopped in at some of the shops. We admired the cafe culture that seemed to be bubbling in Ponsonby. Then we strolled down to the Viaduct and the wharf area before grabbing some lunch at a nearby food court.

As we walked, we chatted and updated each other on our lives. It was nice to reconnect after so long. We met back in college while working for the university’s publishing company, and when I was at home, we used to have dinner every few weeks just to catch up.

I really missed this sort of camaraderie. Everyone you meet while traveling leaves before you can really make a solid connection with them. You have good times together in the short term, but you never really get to experience the long term with them. Ah, but such is the life of a traveler.

Lan’s arrival also caused me to realize that it’d been a long time since I’d met anyone from home. Throughout my travels, I’d met a ton of Germans, Brits, Scots and other nationalities, but there were few Americans and no one from Hawaii. So it was really nice to have Lan visiting.

With Lan, there was no need for unnecessary small talk. We just picked up where we left off as if no time had passed and I was still living five minutes away from here again. I guess this is what it’s like between good friends, and I was glad we’d be able to share this experience together.


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