Triumphant Return to Auckland

Alba and I caught the bus from Wellington to Auckland this morning. It was a direct bus with only one scenic stop at Raukawa Falls. We also made stops for breakfast and lunch, but other than that, it was just a very long ride back north.

After settling into the YHA once again, Alba and I went to this great Italian restaurant in the city. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it was nice to eat in a proper restaurant. As a backpacker surviving on the bare minimum as far as food is concerned, having a sit-down meal is quite a luxury. You can only eat sandwiches and pasta for so long, you know?

After traveling on and off with Alba through two countries for four months, this dinner was a sort of goodbye. She was due to fly home to Spain in a few days, and I was sad to see her go. We’d seen so many things and experienced Australia and New Zealand together. And we’d had a great time.

But Alba’s departure was followed by Lan’s arrival. Lan, my friend from home, was in Australia with her mom visiting family. She decided to pop over to Aotearoa for a few days so we planned a short road trip while she was here. I was still applying to marketing jobs without much success, but I figured I could go a few more days of traveling. Why not? This was my holiday.

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One response to “Triumphant Return to Auckland

  1. Aunty Pat

    Wow, Dorian, what a life you have! Reminds me of Uncle Milt when he was your age. That’s what he did: traveled the world and worked when he needed to fund his trip. You take care and I wish you much contentment. Be nice to your mom now! Patience is the key. :O)

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