Ohau Stream Seal Pups

The Ohau Stream seal pups are one of the coolest natural phenomenons I’ve witnessed to date. After a short walk you’re treated to something really special. The seal pups happily frolic five feet away from you. They swim and tumble upon each other. Some relax on the rocks. It looks like a marvelous existence if you ask me. It’s extremely hard to describe how awe-inspiring and captivating the seals can be. I could’ve stood and watched them for hours.

Each year pups are born in November and December and by April, they’re making their way to their favorite spot. Somehow they find their own way there. The pups hang out for a few days before having to return to the sea and their mothers for food. As many as 200 pups can be found at the waterfall in peak season.

This playground is like a training center where they learn habits that’ll carry them through life. Once they’re weaned from their mothers, they return permanently to the sea and etch out a living on the rocky shores until it’s their turn to have seal pups at Ohau Stream.

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