Nature in New Zealand – Rangitata

On today’s journey, we traveled through Lake Tekapo where we made a quick stop to stretch our legs. I was looking for more cold medicine and it depressed me that the stuff cost so much. I don’t even know if the meds were working or if this cold of mine is just running its course. It surely doesn’t seem like the medicine is having much effect on the germs.

Lake Tekapo reminded me a bit of Wanaka as the town (or what we saw of it anyway) was on the smaller side and it was fronted by a lake and surrounded by mountains. I really enjoy these places a lot because they’re so different from my tropical island home. In my opinion, the towering peaks reflected in the water never gets old.

After a pit stop in Geraldine to pick up some groceries, we headed to tonight’s accommodation. On the way we did a short hike into the woods to look at some kauri trees. After seeing some monster kauri trees in the Northland, these were a bit underwhelming to me. I felt a little gypped, especially since I had to drag myself out of the bus for it. After several days of not consuming much food, the 30-minute hike definitely took a toll on me physically. I felt winded and light-headed but I’d live.

When we finally arrived at our Rangitata hostel, all I could do was eat a cup of soup, take a quick shower and veg out in front of the tv. What I found unique about this hostel was that the bunks were stacked three high and made of wood. The showers were also different from those I’d encountered so far. Male and female bathrooms were separate, but the showers didn’t have walls dividing them. It reminded me of a gym or school locker room where the shower heads are lined up one after the other long the wall. I suppose modesty is not part of a backpacker’s life.

I spent the rest of the afternoon glued to a couch watching movies as it took little to no effort on my part. I was beginning to feel a bit better but wasn’t motivated enough to explore the wilderness outside. Indeed, we were extremely isolated in these parts with just trees and hiking trails around us. When night came, there were absolutely no city lights to disturb the darkness.

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2 responses to “Nature in New Zealand – Rangitata

  1. Kris

    Wow, you are missing out on some wonderful scenery. What movies are you watching during re-cooperation? Any special to New Zealand? Look forward to your next post.

  2. No, nothing NZ-related. We saw Bruno and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I did manage to read Once Were Warriors though, which is a great NZ book.

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