Welcome to the Snowy Mountains – Aoraki/Mount Cook

After visiting the Moeraki Boulders, we made our way to Aoraki/Mount Cook and our accommodation. At 3,754 meters high, Aoraki is the tallest mountain in the country and part of the magnificent Southern Alps. As we drove along, we were met by snow on the sides of the roads and high atop the mountains. The air was cold and crisp, chilling the inside of your lungs if you took a deep breath.

While the rest of the bus booked into the Stray-recommended accommodation, Alba and I stayed at the YHA once again. It was surprisingly nice and felt like a log cabin mountain retreat. Unfortunately, still feeling worse for wear, I didn’t see much more than the bottom of the top bunk. It was another early day for me, and after a bowl of instant soup, I snuggled up and got some rest.

Lucky enough to still be in perfect health despite traveling with me, Alba went out for a hike in the snow and met some interesting characters along the way. That’s the great thing about New Zealand. It seems this country attracts people who are laid-back and love the outdoors. So then what am I doing here when I have neither of those characteristics? Maybe that’s exactly why I’m out here – to learn to relax and take things a bit less seriously?

I do feel different from when I left home and I’d credit that to just being away from home. But, who knows? It could be the country. It could be the people. It could be anything. But, I’m definitely not the same girl who left Hawaii.

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  1. Fab! It looks like Montana. If still sick, please see a doctor about your cold. Maybe he can perscribe something that will help. Sounds like it is lingering and do not want it to develop into somehting worse.

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