Photos of Dunedin

By the time we arrived in Dunedin, I was feeling miserable. I checked into the hostel and all I could manage was to get into bed. I’d been taking over-the-counter cold medicines for days now but nothing seemed to be working. I suspected that the drugs weren’t the same as the ones we have in the U.S. They were probably lower dosages or made from different things because, obviously, they weren’t working at all.

I felt bad about not being able to explore the city. I’d heard great things about Dunedin. It’s modeled after Scottish towns and had a big student population with trendy cafes and bars. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience any of it and mainly saw the insides of my room. Luckily, Alba did take a walk around town and here are her photos.

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  1. Nice, charming architecture, but please get well soon and send photos with you inside. Aloha.

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