Queenstown is Adventure Town

We were off to Queenstown and I was excited because we were going to the adventure capital of New Zealand. I’d only heard good things about the city and couldn’t wait to experience it myself. In Queenstown, anything is possible. From hitting the slopes or jumping out of planes, New Zealand’s highest bungy jump or Lord of the Rings tours, Queenstown offers a traveler a lot of choices. Even if you’re not into the extreme sports, you can just hit the clubs and bars in town and be happy.

On the way into town, Alba and I booked our bungy jumps. She was doing the Kawarau Bridge jump and we were both doing the incredible 134-meter Nevis bungy. Despite the cost of it, I really wanted to do the Nevis. It’s the biggest jump in New Zealand, and at this point, I figured it was time to go big or go home. I wasn’t even near ready to go home so my only option was to go big.

After arriving in town, we explored a bit. Queenstown sits on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by snowy mountains. It had a similar look and feel to Wanaka, but Queenstown is like Wanaka’s bigger, badder self. Despite the cold, or maybe because of it, Queenstown felt magical. There was snow and frost everywhere, which is definitely something you don’t see every day in Hawaii. Every breath you took chilled you and every exhale was visible. It had both a small-town charm and a big-city exuberance that created a quality unlike any other. It was a great town.

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