Three Days in Wanaka

Constantly being on the road has been tough on the body, and when I arrived in Wanaka I was happy to stay for three days. By the looks of it, there isn’t much to do in the town itself but that’s okay. I didn’t plan to ski or snowboard, which are the main attractions, but I think this downtime is much needed.

After checking into YHA Purple Cow (yes, that’s what it’s called), I took a walk around town. The town only has one major road in and consists of a sprawling three or four square blocks. There are walking paths around the beautiful lake though, and I explored a few of them.

I met up with Lynn again as she was also staying in our hostel. Lynn, Alba and I took a walk around the left side of the lake and admired the natural beauty of the place. With the white mountains close enough to touch and the rippling dark blue water of the lake, this place seemed magical and straight out of a movie.

Over the next two days, Alba and I relaxed in town and it was good just to hang out in the hostel, chat with people or watch movies. We even caught an All Blacks vs. Springboks (South Africa) rugby game at the hostel. I still don’t understand the rules, but I suppose I don’t really need to in order to appreciate the athletes’ physical beauty right?

We also met up with Christian, Steph, Melissa and Holly, who had decided to take a break in Wanaka as well. We had dinner at Subway with them one night and met up with them the following morning to walk around the lake.

In spite of the cold, or maybe because of it, the lake seemed even more beautiful the longer we stayed. Each day more and more snow collected on the mountaintops. For a girl from Hawaii, this was one of the most amazing things to witness. But, after three days I was ready for our next stop – Queenstown!

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