Bungy Jump Contest Settled in Makarora

After that refreshing dip in the Blue Pools, we arrived in Makarora. Our dorms were two A-frame-shaped building, which had  an interesting look. Each room held about 10 single beds (yay, no bunk beds!), one bathroom and several heaters. In my opinion, we could’ve used a lot more. The farther south we went, the colder and colder it got.

After settling in and fixing ourselves some dinner, we all congregated in the small pub that was on the property and waited for the fun to begin. The four guys in the running for a free bungy jump had three more events to complete. The challenges included a pop quiz, a drinking contest and a karaoke contest. Despite the cold, I would not miss this for anything.

The quiz and drinking contest were mostly uneventful, especially because they were just drinking soft drinks. But, as you can imagine, the karaoke contest was full-on hilarity. I wish I could show you the video I took of the boys’ performances, but I promised Mo I wouldn’t do it so I guess I’ll have to live up to my vow. However, his performance of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was pure genius. Who would’ve thought that this German guy who stands at about six-foot-six could embody the teenage pop star? It was simply incredible! (In his defense, he grew up with older sisters so I’m sure he had no say in what type of music played in the home.)

The other karaoke performances were absolutely horrible, and I’m not even judging from their singing voices. After Mo, they all seemed defeated. They didn’t put any effort into their performances and didn’t seem motivated. I do believe Mo blew them away and they just chose to give up. Some barely even sung with the music. Others made half-hearted attempts at choreography that were just sad.

In the end, after all the points were tallied, Mo won the free jump at Nevis. It was truly well deserved on his part.

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2 responses to “Bungy Jump Contest Settled in Makarora

  1. What did you sing for Karaoke? We want a PIC of you rocking the mic! Assume you are not going for the bungy jump. Stay cool.

  2. Wasn’t part of the competition for the free bungy jump so I didn’t have to sing. But I’m still planning to do that bungy (the Nevis) as it’s the biggest in NZ.

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