Cape Foulwind and the Seal Colony

We left Old Mac’s Farm today and headed toward Greymouth. Along the way we did a short 3.5 km hike at Cape Foulwind to see the large seal colony in residence. The weather was nice for most of the way but still very cold. I was glad I carried my winter coat throughout Australia as I think I’ll need it every day from now on.

When we arrived at Cape Foulwind, the place sure did live up to its name. The wind whipped violently off the ocean and over the land. It felt as though we’d blow right off of our feet if we weren’t careful. Battling the wind made the hike much more difficult than it should’ve been.

When we reached the seal colony, there were more seals than I expected. They were doing what seals do – lying about completely oblivious to the cold. Many of them had pups beside them that barked loud enough for us to hear. They were simply at ease in their environment, and I wished we could go down for a closer look. Unfortunately, the lookout was perched high above the colony on rocky cliffs. We continued on the track and met the bus at the other end. The chilly air seemed to sink into my bones so I was very glad to get back onto the heated bus.

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