Isolation Meets Conservation at Blue Duck Lodge

After leaving civilization behind in Taupo, our next accommodation was the isolated Blue Duck Lodge, which is located in Whakahoro. The lodge provides guests with unique activities, such as hunting, quad-bike riding and tramping through miles of wilderness.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Dan, the owner of the place. He explained a bit about the property, how he acquired it and what he hopes to do with it. Amazingly, besides the hospitality business, he’s also delving into honey production and other ventures. But the one that impressed me the most was his efforts in animal and plant conservation. He is trying to build up the numbers of the native blue duck through environmental conservation and predator eradication.

It was really inspirational to see Dan speak about his conservation efforts and made me feel as though everyone could essentially make a difference. It all starts with an idea, and when you add some passion and hard work, things happen.

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