Skydive in Taupo – Cowabunga!

Today I threw myself out of a plane . . . and it was the best day ever!

There’s not much more I can say about my skydive experience. It was every incredible word you can think of multiplied by 1,000.

The freefall was marvelous and it felt like I was floating. When the parachute opened and we slowed down enough to see the entire area, Taupo and its surroundings looked magnificent. Snow-capped mountains hugged a sparkling blue lake. The sky was blue and the trees and land were green. Spectacular!

I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat. No question about it.

My dive master’s name was Alan. He helped me suit up and checked all the rigging and harnesses. We were last to hop into the plane, which meant we’d be first on the flipside. Also in the plane with me were Alba and a girl named Pia. This was a momentous event for all of us, even though Alba had jumped once before.

As the plane ascended, I had to put on an oxygen mask when we hit 8,000 feet. We were on our way to 15,000 feet and the ride actually took longer than I expected. A few minutes before the door opened, Alan had me sit on his lap so he could hook me up to him. He also gave me plastic goggles to wear and told me what would happen next.

When the door opened up, it was amazing to see how high we were. But there wasn’t a lot of time to admire it as Alan moved us over to the door and we sat with our legs hanging outside of the plane. With a quick nod to our cameraman, who was literally hanging on to the door and halfway outside the plane already, Alan and I were in freefall.

Did I tell you that this was the best day ever?

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11 responses to “Skydive in Taupo – Cowabunga!

  1. Aunty Suzanne

    OMG! An otherworldly adventure! You’re my hero of adventure! Happy New Year! Love, Aunty Suzanne

  2. hemajang

    Aye Carumba Sky, you living up to your name. Wow, that was the ultimate adventure…maybe bungee jumping next?

  3. Aunty Pat

    EEEEEKKKK!!!!! How could you??? By the time I hit ground, I would have been dead of a heart attack. Gutsy girl! More power to you!

  4. Chanin

    That’s so cool, Dorian.

  5. You’re just psyching yourself out for it. It’s really great and not too scary in the end.

  6. Amazing! Looks like so much fun! 😀

  7. Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

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