Beware of the Food Thief

I realize that many backpackers are hard up for money, but seriously, stealing food is just pathetic. Today Alba and I discovered that one of our food bags was missing. Normally, there’s no problem with leaving your food in the fridge or in a cubby hole as long as it’s marked with your name, room number and date of departure. However, apparently some desperately hungry backpacker with no moral compulsions swiped our stuff. Even more sad is that they took the bag itself, which was a going-away present I received from one of my co-workers!

Despite this minor setback, Alba and I went out to explore the city a bit before we had to leave at noon. We took a walk through a public garden and found a path that lead to the bluff lookout. It was major work getting to the top of the thing without a car. The path was uphill and steep and seemed never-ending. Just when I thought I’d humped up the last mountain, the bend in the path revealed another gigantic incline. Oh kill me now, I thought. But, I made it to the top eventually and the view was nice.

After coming back down from the bluff, we strolled through town so Alba could pick up some new pants for the Tongariro Crossing she was going to do. Then we headed back to the YHA and picked up the car. After a short drive, we were in Taupo where we had lunch and booked our accommodation at Regent Flashpackers in Rotorua.

A hop, skip and jump away and we were checking in to Regent Flashpackers and dropping off our bags. Then we returned the car at the airport and caught the bus back into town. Topping up the gas tank was only about $90 this time. It was sad to know that our little road trip was ending, but we were looking forward to continuing our adventures with Stray.

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One response to “Beware of the Food Thief

  1. What jerks! Food thieves rank up there with naked sleepers and late night talkers for the worst hostel guests.

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