Off the Beaten Track with Stray

With Alba as my touring buddy, I decided to forgo the job hunt and jump right back into traveling. I bought the Maximus pass with Stray, one of many backpacker bus companies that made their way around New Zealand. The company worked just like OzExperience so I’d be able to schedule my buses and decide how long to stay in each city.

The Max pass was a great choice because it covered the North and South islands, I could use it for an entire year and I got it at a discounted price. So, if I fell in love with a place (or a person . . . we can only hope, right?), I’d be able to stop traveling for as long as I wanted and continue again when I was ready. This also meant that if I found a seasonal job, I could work for a few months and then travel after the job was over. The options were endless, but for now I decided to follow Alba’s itinerary since she had to leave in two months and was trying to maximize her time in New Zealand.

It was exciting to think that in a few days we’d begin our NZ tour. Unlike Australia, I’d be able to explore the entire country and see all that it had to offer me. What lay ahead for me? This was the land of extreme sports and high-adrenaline activities. This was where rugby and the All Blacks were king. This was the land of the long white cloud. This was New Zealand.



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2 responses to “Off the Beaten Track with Stray

  1. hemajang

    Sounds like a good plan, working temp is probably a great way to experience New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings and Whale Rider were great films that featured New Zealand’s majestic landscape. The locals in Whale Rider reminded me of local Hawaiians and polynesians except they talk in that New Zealand accent. Anyone from home say that your speech has changed yet?

  2. Haven’t really called home recently but don’t think it’s changed much. Although, I do think I will start keeping track of cool words I learn. Funny enough, most of them are just British English words rather than truly foreign vocab. But then again, British English is pretty much a foreign language at times LOL

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