Cape Tribulation – Where the Sea and the Forest Collide

The weather on the morning of my Cape Tribulation day trip was really overcast and rainy. On top of that, the tour bus was more than 45 minutes late picking me up. This, coupled with the fact that overnight my cold seemed to worsen, did not leave me in a good mood.

Our first activity of the day was a crocodile boat tour on the Daintree River. As we got inside, the driver chattered on about the area’s flora and fauna. His enthusiasm about the area was delightful and soon lifted my spirits. We trolled the river looking for crocs in the water, but he told us that saltwater crocodiles could have large territories and patrolled them everyday to keep invading crocodiles out. As we puttered along, the boat ahead of us managed to spot a croc on the riverbank. I guess he was just trying to soak up what little sun he could.

From afar, it didn’t look like the croc was moving and people were joking that it was probably just a wooden lookalike. However, as we approached, the crocodile moved its head to watch us, proving that he was real. For some, this was the first time they’d seen a crocodile in the wild and they clambered to take photos. Since I’d already seen my fair share of crocs and was feeling worse as the day went on, I didn’t really have the motivation nor the energy to keep up with them.

Next we went on the Marrja botanical walk and our guide told us about the different plants in the area. She was surprisingly very knowledgeable about all the different uses of the trees and bushes. Unfortunately, this was a popular walk and people kept interrupting her when they tried to squeeze through our very large group.

Slide Album: Cape Tribulation

At our quick stop for lunch, the group walked down to the beach to experience the real rainforst-meets-ocean effect. But, by this time, I was really feeling horrible due to my cold. It was now raining heavily and the air was getting cold. I decided to skip the walk and wait for my fish and chips where it was dry.

After lunch we headed to Alexandra Lookout. The views from this lookout would be spectacular on clear, sunny days. Too bad it was still very cloudy when we arrived. On a positive note, we stopped for some homemade ice cream and found some crazy flavors. They had Guinness, chilli pepper chocolate and other weird combinations. I got a mango lime ice cream, which didn’t help my cold but tasted very yummy.

Our last major stop was at a small zoo that housed many of Australia’s native animals. From snakes to birds of prey, cassowaries to wallabies, this place had a bit of everything. I thought it was clever that they had built a walkway above all the exhibits so that we could see the animals no matter where they were in their enclosure.

On our way back to Cairns, we stopped in Port Douglas. It looked like a nice place to visit, but I really couldn’t be bothered at that point. I was barely holding it together and was longing for my bed. This was my first cold since I began traveling and it was hitting me pretty hard. The bad weather didn’t seem to help my symptoms, and I was in need of more cold medicine.

Before returning to my hostel, I popped into a pharmacy to pick up something that could deal with my sneezing, post-nasal drip and coughing. The woman behind the counter asked whether my phlegm was yellow or green, which is something I haven’t really been asked before. Apparently, if it’s yellow, then you still have a chance to treat it with the medicine. If it’s green, then it’s a virus and you need a prescription for the hardcore medicine. So if it’s yellowish-green, like mine, what then? Well, I guess you just cross your fingers and hope the medicine works, which is what I did.



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3 responses to “Cape Tribulation – Where the Sea and the Forest Collide

  1. Kirs

    The scenery looked pretty good to me. Very interesting vegitation in the forest. Crocs looked pretty big to me. Stay out of the water there. Could not tell you were sick. Hope you feel bettter because it is tough to enjoy outdoor activities like that. Take care.

  2. hemajang

    Cape Tribulation looks like a winner and very nice write-up but the only word that stood out to me was…phlegm. I guess galagala not in the Queen’s dictionary and only us locals would understand. Anyway, take care and get some rest.

  3. @Kris – Yeah it was really nice and quite tropical there. Would’ve been great on a day with good weather. There are crocs everywhere and when there’s flooding or lots of rain, they sometimes come into your backyard if you live in the area. It’s kinda crazy but I suppose they’re just one of the dangers that could get you in Oz LOL

    @hema – Hmm, yeah don’t think “galagala” would be understood by most people. LOL It’s weird to hear/read Pidgin now after not being around it for so long. My brain is fully in proper English mode these days and it’s hard to even think up words in Pidgin.

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