Airlie Beach – Gateway to the Whitsunday Islands

I arrived in Airlie Beach a day before my trip to the Whitsunday Islands because I needed to check in at the office. The day was beautiful and I happily wandered around town on my own. What a relief to finally see the sun after such bad weather the past few days.

It didn’t take long to work my way down the main street and loop around on a secondary street that lined the waterfront. Unfortunately, the beach wasn’t one for swimming as it looked quite rocky and a bit dirty. But there was an artificial lagoon in which families could enjoy the weather.

After checking in and receiving a small shoulder bag for my on-board items, I walked to the pier where the boat would be docked. It was 15 minutes away from the main town (around 20 if you walked as slow as me) and I didn’t want to get lost in the morning. With the ocean shimmering like a blue gem, I was happy being out in the sun and heat.

Slide Album: Airlie Beach


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2 responses to “Airlie Beach – Gateway to the Whitsunday Islands

  1. hemajang

    Those aussie names are always interesting, makes you wonder their origins. Why is it that none of your photos have people in them? maybe aliens stripped the town of humans and left only skycastle to record their destruction…ha!

  2. The names are probably the Western bastardization of the Aboriginal names and the scenery is so much prettier than some of the people, esp on the East Coast where it is party central at times lol

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