Lake Waggi and Sand Dunes

Before heading back to the mainland today, we had one major stop at Lake Waggi. This involved a 5 km return hike to get to it and I wasn’t exactly excited about the prospects of it. We parked the trucks on the beach and hiked into the woods with our swim gear. The sand was so soft that it sucked you in and you had to use twice the effort to keep moving. Those who went barefoot had to contend with the roots of trees hiding in the leaves and sand below.

At long last we reached the lake. It was nice, but not as big as Lake Mackenzie. Tall trees surrounded the lake and a bird of prey circled above us in search of food. Right near the shoreline you could see a school of rather large fish swimming without a care in the world.

Beside the lake there was an enormous sand dune that made you feel like you were in the Sahara Desert. Louise and Claire made sand angels to mark their presence. Some took the ubiquitous “jumping” photos while others hopped right into the lake for a swim.

After seeing the snake or eel come out from under a log in one of the Kakadu waterfalls a couple of weeks ago, I was content to stay out of the lake and sit in the sun. Since I couldn’t see the bottom, I was wary about going in. It was that simple. I’m sure it would’ve been fine if I had, but I decided then and there that I preferred saltwater to freshwater. Even with all of its killer creatures, especially in Oz, I’d rather take the ocean before an inland waterholes like this one.

Slide Album: Lake Waggi

After hiking back to the trucks, our lunch for the day was leftovers from the previous days. This was complete shit because most of the groups had eaten all of their food by this point. This was the first tour I’d been on where there wasn’t enough food for us. Most of the time there was too much food wasted because we couldn’t finish it or take it with us. This forced us to buy lunch from the cafe, which lacked variety and was heavily overpriced. I ended up getting pizza bread, which was a roll with pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese on it. At least civilization was just around the corner, and we could go out for a real meal soon (after taking a long, hot shower that is).

Despite the ups and downs of this tour, I’m glad I did it. Camping is not something I can say I like doing or even want to do again, especially if there are no facilities. But it was a challenge for this mostly-city girl and the new experiences were definitely interesting. I still don’t like hikes and walking in the bush, but at least I’m getting to see very cool natural formations. This trip of mine is all about pushing my own limits, and with this tour I can say that I have.


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