Double Reunion, Double the Fun

After a couple of great days with Yvonne, I returned to Brisbane with plenty of time to catch my bus to Noosa. On this leg of the journey, I reunited with my favorite bus driver, Disco, and my UK friends, Louise and Claire. Oh happy day!

Disco’s bus was semi-empty so I sat up in the passenger’s seat and made myself at home. We chatted as he drove us to the Glass House Mountains. I learned that he was actually trained to work in the construction industry as an electrician (if I remember right). He’d built concert stages and even worked as a model in the UK, but just for one day.

Once we arrived at the Glass House Mountains lookout, he huddled us all around and gave his presentation on Aboriginal history and culture. For me, it was a repeat of what I’d seen while we were on tour. He discussed how Aboriginals used the boomerang as weapons and the story of the didgeridoo. Then we hopped back on the highway and made a stop at Mooloolaba, where Louise and Claire jumped on. Together we headed for Noosa and said goodbye to Disco at the transit station.

In Noosa, the girls and I booked into Noosa Flashpackers. This was one of the best decisions we’d ever made as it is one of the best hostels I’ve come across. A bit more expensive than other options, Noosa Flashpackers is definitely worth every penny. The staff is all friendly and very helpful. The accommodation was spacious and extremely clean. The kitchen was large and they had a varied movie selection. Also included in the price of the accommodation were free breakfast and internet. The place even had its own pool. This was truly flashpacking at its finest, and we ended up staying several more days than we anticipated just to take in the luxuriousness of the place.

I can honestly say that I didn’t really see Noosa or the surrounding area because I spent all my time at the hostel. Louise, Claire and I did head into town for groceries and had lunch at a bar and grill near the main beach, but otherwise we were content to catch up with family online and watch movies. It was also here that I booked my trips to Fraser and the Whitsunday islands.

Slide Album: Brisbane

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