Coffs Harbour – A Sleepy Coastal Town

After spending half a day on the bus, I arrived at Coffs Harbour and was one of only two people who decided to get off here. Everyone was headed to Byron Bay, but I wanted to see as much of the east coast as I could. So 19-year-old Steph from England and I got our bags and hopped into a shuttle bus that took us to Hoey Moey, our home for the night.

The layout of the hostel reminded me of an American motel. There was a main building that housed the reception, restaurant and bar, and a one-story building of rooms surrounded it. We asked for dorm accommodations, but the place was slow and we got an ensuite room all to ourselves. The room even had its own fridge and tv, a luxury unknown to most backpackers.

After settling in, we decided to find a grocery store to shop for our dinner. Steph introduced me to Aldi’s and its extremely budget-friendly products. Compared to shopping at Woolworths or Coles, larger grocery chains, this place was like striking gold. Everything was definitely cheaper here. Was it because the products were defective or close to their expiration date? I have no idea. The items I bought were fine on both accounts. Maybe everything was wholesale? Or perhaps they were overstocked from the other stores? If anyone does know, please post a comment below. I haven’t run into another Aldi’s since Coffs Harbour, but it would have helped my budget immensely if I could’ve found another one.

In any case, Steph and I had a great meal of penne pasta with ham, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. With not much else to do in Coffs Harbour, we spent the night in our room chatting and reading extremely bad chick lit.

After breakfast the next morning, we took a stroll along the beach and headed for the Coffs Harbour jetty. It was a nice day and the sun was out. The sand was quite firm so it made for easy walking. Flocks of seagulls sat along the shoreline and crabs made interesting floral patterns in the sand. The beach was empty except for some fishermen and a couple of guys out on their morning run. Coffs Harbour definitely had a very relaxed vibe.

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hostel. We walked back on a bike path that led us through some trees and along a road lined with vacation homes, B&Bs and other beachfront accommodations. Steph would be staying an extra night or two as she had several weeks to get from here to Brisbane, where her boyfriend was flying in to meet her. I hopped on the shuttle bus back to the bus terminal and waited for the next Oz bus to pick me up. Quiet Coffs Harbour was an ideal place to begin my journey and a good way to ease into the east coast.

Slide Album: Coffs Harbour

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