Australia’s East Coast with Oz Experience

After living in a real home with all the amenities that implies, it was time to head up the east coast on my own. This was a momentous occasion for which I was ready. My time on tour had introduced me to hostels and the art of daily travel. I was confident that I could manage the east coast successfully on my own.

I purchased the Bruce Express pass from Oz Experience, and it allowed me 35 days to travel from Sydney to Cairns. Piece of cake, right? So I packed up my stuff and humped it to the train station. Unbelievably, it took me less than 20 minutes to reach the train station even with the extra weight on my back (and in each hand). Apparently all the hiking I did on tour was good for something.

I caught the train into the city and checked in to 790 on George for the night. It was right around the corner from the Oz office, where I was to meet the bus at 6 am. I ended up in an eight-bed girls dorm that appeared to be occupied by long-term residents. There were clothes hung up to dry everywhere and at 3:30 in the afternoon, someone was sleeping behind a curtain of towels. Wonder what kind of job she had?

The room was not the best I’d ever been in but it’d do for just one night. After checking out the girls bathroom, which was all the way down the hall and around the corner, I was still not impressed. There were only two shower and toilet stalls for the entire floor, and everything was dirty and wet.  On a positive note, it did have a hair dryer that worked. So, despite its overall uncleanliness perhaps this hostel did have its priorities right.

Even though this place wasn’t ideal, I still had so much to look forward to and did not let it bother me one bit. All of the east coast was in front of me, and who knew what kind of glorious adventures were ahead?


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One response to “Australia’s East Coast with Oz Experience

  1. Big Brother

    Love your optimism! Keep on keeping on…

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