Sunset at Watsons Bay and Gap Park

After a nice day spent in the Bondi area, I caught the bus north to Watsons Bay. I had this rather romantic idea of catching the ferry back into the city at sunset. I wanted to experience the beautiful reds and purples from the water and see how the light reflected off the tall buildings in Sydney Harbor.

Unfortunately, my lack of planning foiled me in the end. Sometimes spontaneity and going with the flow are over rated. By the time I reached Watsons Bay, the last ferry had set sail more than two hours ago. The only way I could fulfill my idealistic notions was to swim across to the harbor.

Since my plans had gone awry, I decided to check out the bluffs at Gap Park. For more than 40,000 years before the British arrived, the Gadigal people lived and prospered in the area. But, of course, when the Brits showed up, the natives moved farther and farther away from their lands.

I walked up the path to a spot that overlooked the sea. As the sky darkened, the water looked ominous and the waves appeared dangerous. Who knows what kind of toothy sea monsters lay just beneath the surface? I took a few moments to contemplate the contrasts of nature. On one side of me, darkness fell quickly casting shadows everywhere. On the other side of me, the sun’s rays were still visible and highlighted the buildings, trees and water in an amber glow.

As I watched the sun setting behind the city I thought, “Today was a good day.”

Slide Album: Watsons Bay


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4 responses to “Sunset at Watsons Bay and Gap Park

  1. KT

    Hey Dorian! Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I was on vacation and had no Internet for more than a week. Cruel! I just read your bed bug post and scrolled back to here. You have been on a roll. Hope things start looking up for you in the accommodations dept. YIKES! Lovely sunsets! Hope you are still having fun! Aloha, KT

  2. How did you live with yourself for a week? LOL

  3. Big Brother

    That’s good that you could say that today was a good day. Can’t think of the last time that I’ve said that. The days go by fast when all you do is work and sleep and go back to work again. Hope the days have slowed down for you while traveling to give you time to absorb the wonderful experiences.

  4. You really need to try this vacation thing . . . one that’s not stressful and packed with so many activities. It’s good just to get away and do nothing.

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