Fabulous Bondi Beach

After recovering for a couple of days at Sharon’s, I decided to check out Bondi Beach. How could I come to Sydney and not see it?

When I arrived, the sun was out and the water was a shimmering blue. I found a trail that hugged the coastline from Bondi to Bronte beaches for 2.5 km and decided to follow it to see where it led. The track was lovely and wove itself in and out, up and down the rocky ledges of the coast. There were wonderful cliff-side views of crashing waves and surging tide pools. Wooden benches littered the trail providing perfect rest stops for the weary or those who would like to take in the scenery.

At one point on the trail, I stopped to sit on some rocks that overlooked the water and a group of surfers and boogie boarders. The waves looked like they were decent enough but only a few boogie boarders caught them while I watched. The surfers floated atop the waves and watched them come in, but no one made a move. I’m not sure why not though. Eddie would go!

Slide Album: Bondi Beach

I continued on and passed Mackenzies and Tamarama bays and Bronte Beach. Rather than return by the same route, I decided to go a different way instead. I got to a road that I thought would lead back to Bondi Beach. Unfortunately, it didn’t. It actually led further inland and took me up a steep hill that just seemed to climb forever. Luckily, I’d been on the Sydney-Darwin tour hikes before this or I think I would’ve had to stop every 15 seconds to catch my breath.

As I continued on this unplanned mountainous trek, I passed some impressive homes. Many were  under construction, and you could say this was the Black Point of the area. When I reached the top of the hill, I realized that I had no idea how to get back to Bondi Beach. I was in a neighborhood that I didn’t recognize (although, to be fair, I could’ve passed this way on the bus and wouldn’t have known).

By now, my feet were killing me and I was kicking myself for not taking the coastal walk. The best thing to do was to find a bus stop and seek the help of a map. Now, my map-reading abilities are sketchy at best but at least I’d be able to figure out where I was (by way of the nifty little “You Are Here” dot). I made a beeline for the nearest bus stop and sat down to catch my breath.

I caught the next bus to Bondi Junction, which is next to a Westfield mall, and had lunch there. Since I can barely fit all my stuff into my backpack, there was no point in looking at the shops. Why tease myself by window shopping too? So I hopped on another bus and headed out to Watsons Bay, where I hoped to catch a ferry back to the city.



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4 responses to “Fabulous Bondi Beach

  1. Kirs

    The beach looks greay, but you look fab!

    I am very jealous. Even though we have views like that in Hawaii it still looks like a wonderous place. And, heck yea Eddie would go!

    You need to get a bigger backpack or FedEx some stuff back home to lighten the load.

  2. It’d be way to expensive to ship stuff home. A tiny little iPhone was already $35. I cannot imagine what 10 lbs would cost.

  3. Big Brother

    That beach was beautiful. Easily better than Waimea bay (except maybe in the wintertime). People say that Hawaii has the best beaches, but I tend to think there are nicer beaches all over the world. Australia’s got their’s for sure. If you have things you need to send back home, see how much it is and if you can ship it COD. Let me know and if it’s not too much I’ll pick up the tab for the shipping. That way you can collect more souvenirs.

  4. Thanks but I’ll probabaly wait till the end of my trip to get souvenirs. It’s not a big deal to me to take stuff with me. I’d rather just see and do more with that money 🙂

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