Hunting for Crocodiles at the Mary River Wetlands

Rather than go on a buta (pig) hunt like good ol’ Frank Delima’s song, today we went on a croc hunt in the Mary River Wetlands. We took a boat in search of the elusive estuarine or saltwater crocodile. And, boy, we were not disappointed. We were also lucky enough to spot the freshwater crocodile and many of Australia’s native birds.

Even after all this time, I still can’t get over that the animals are everywhere. Despite the vastness of the country, wildlife is all around us. As we cruised along in our boat, we passed all types of birds. There were many that I’d never seen before and that I couldn’t even begin to name. Some looked like hawks; others looked like storks.

We puttered farther up the river and found ourselves several salties that were baking in the sun. I’d never seen crocs in the wild before, and it was pretty thrilling to think that these killing machines were so nearby. Apparently crocs have remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs because they’re so good at what they do.

Slide Album: Croc Hunt


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7 responses to “Hunting for Crocodiles at the Mary River Wetlands

  1. Aunty Pat

    Eeewww! what if the boat tips over. Anyway, D, what’s the difference between a croc and an alligator. I could never get them straight.

  2. hemajang

    I only know that alligators have a blunt stout and crocodiles have a pointed one. Lately, I’ve been watching Swamp People, reality tv show about alligator hunters in the Louisiana swamps. They have an interesting way of speaking…kinda like our pidgin, swamp stye. Nice post. Any talk of the lore of Crocodile Dundee or Crocodile Hunter?

  3. Aunty Sanj

    Even tho it’s great to see animals in the wild, I always feel as if they are gonna attack us at any minute, LOL While fishing in the swamps in FL with the godchildren, a croc swam by to check us out. Like A. Pat, I thought what if the boat sinks or we fall out.

  4. aunty diane

    These pics reminded me a little of the part of Florida that Maura spent her spring break week replanting native vegetation. They were told to be watchful for crocs or alligators . . . not sure which one! I’m continuing to enjoy seeing Australia thru your posts. It seems you have been there forever – how much longer do you have in Australia? Enjoy!

  5. @A. Pat – I have no idea. I know that freshwater crocs have a long, narrow snout and saltwater crocs have one that’s more rounded. I don’t know about alligators. Isn’t it something to do with one shows their teeth when their mouth is closed and one doesn’t?

    @hema – No one really talks about either. The only time I heard about Steve Irwin was when we were passing his zoo.

    @A. Diane – I’m actually already in New Zealand but I have so many posts for Australia that they’re still going. I post-dated them and they’re uploaded automatically.

  6. Big Brother

    Those things look huge. We were just watching Lake Placid a few days ago. Were you guys hunting to look for them or actually trying to catch them? Must be pretty weird just seeing them lazing around. Wouldn’t see any of that here in Hawaii (well only in the zoo…).

  7. They can get pretty large, especially the saltwater crocs. And no, we weren’t trying to catch them . . . just looking for them.

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