Katherine Gorge Hike and Boat Cruise

My favorite day on the Alice Springs-to-Darwin leg of the tour was the day we visited Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park. We went on a short, uphill hike, called the Baruwei Walk, to a spot that overlooked Katherine River. We hadn’t hiked for a while so I was up for this one and was rewarded by a gorgeous view. Simply beautiful.

Afterwards, we took a lovely river cruise through two of the gorges and nature was everywhere. From the lookout, the gorge didn’t seem so high. But from the river below, the sides of the gorge were steep.

Again, how can rocks be so incredible to look at? Then, when you combine rocks and water something magical happens. This place was amazing and we had great weather for the entire day. This was so different from the Outback we’d traveled through the previous week. Could life get any better than this?

It’s at moments like this when I think of home the most. I couldn’t be farther from home than I am now. It’s amazing and scary all at the same time. But, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Slide Album: Nitmiluk National Park


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3 responses to “Katherine Gorge Hike and Boat Cruise

  1. Ken

    Hey Dorian!
    Looks and sounds like you’re having a blast! Just love your postings. Your journey IS amazing and I’m guessing it may seem scary at times, but your’re as solid as the beautiful rocks you’re seeing. Just keep saying YES to everything you’re experiencing. Continue to LIVE, stay safe and keep up the postings.

  2. I’m trying to do that with each new opportunity that arises. Also trying to take everything in and not get blasé about it. It is funny how you can become a bit immune to things after seeing so much.

  3. Big Brother

    Awesome. You’re seeing things that we’ll probably not see in our lifetimes. We’re living vicariously thru you. Keep up the postings and pics!

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