Swimming in Thermal Pools at Mataranka

Australia is a place with everything you could imagine. You can go from a day in the desert at Devils Marbles to a day at Elsey National Park swimming in thermal pools and hot springs. It is simply amazing!

After all those weird and random road house stops, we were thrilled when we got to the thermal pools at Mataranka. This was literally a swimming hole, which I thought was quaint and very Huck Finn. But, this swimming hole was awesome.

Mataranka is a natural spring that comes up from the earth. However, because the area is so dry and hot, the water heats up as it makes its way to the surface. By the time it forms in the pool, the temperature is about 34 degrees, making it very agreeable to swim in.

The water, for the most part, was clean but it did have a slight swampy smell to it. Around the swimming hole, there were tons of trees and vegetation, which I think contributed to the odor. It was definitely a lot more outdoors than the local swimming pool, making the experience one that I couldn’t pass up. Only after I got out did I wonder about leptospirosis and other bacterial things, but by then it was too late. Plus, I think this spot is highly frequented by people so I’d be in good company should I come down with any illnesses.

Slide Album: Elsey National Park


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6 responses to “Swimming in Thermal Pools at Mataranka

  1. Kirs

    I miss your pictures, but it sure sounds good. No worries about the dissease. I’m sure they keep the animals away. But, 34 degrees sounds cold or am I thinking too American – Fahrenheit vs. Celsius?

  2. What do you mean? There is a photo slideshow with this posting . . . is it working ok? 34 C = 93 F.

  3. hemajang

    Photos working…nice pond, no alligators? ..only kidding. Yeah, I thought the same, must be celsius otherwise…brrrrr. I think you be been away from USA too long, brain is wired metric/celsius already. We should have done the same but Americans too stubborn and arrogant.

  4. hemajang

    If japan is part of your itinerary, you should definitely try the natural hot springs…I understand the temperature is about 55-65 degrees….Celsius.

  5. @hema – Not this time but I do want to visit Japan someday.

  6. Big Brother

    Slide pics not working Dorian. Like the last post.

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