Rock Climbing at Devils Marbles

We stopped for lunch at Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve and was finally able to climb rocks without desecrating any Aboriginal religious sites. The Devils Marbles area has many red rock formations. Over time, the rocks have eroded to form round boulders.

These rocks are really gigantic and you can climb and walk upon them if you’re agile and daring enough. The views from the top of these formations are really great. You can just see the Outback for miles. There is a cool little path that takes your around the formations. The hike is more of a stroll and gives you an opportunity to climb atop the rocks. Some rocks are huge, and it just amazes you to see them stacked one on top the other.

Australia really does have some weird geological formations that you’d never see anywhere else. Who would’ve thought that enormous rocks would be cool?

Slide Album: Devils Marbles


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2 responses to “Rock Climbing at Devils Marbles

  1. Big Brother

    Dorian, the slide show doesn’t work? Broken link maybe. See if you can get it working, I’d like to see the pictures of the boulders stacked up on each other.

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