Swaggin’ Under the Stars

“Are you swaggin’ it tonight?” That’s the real question, isn’t it? After we left Marla and got to our camp near Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, I decided to bite the bullet and swag it.

A swag is an Aussie sleeping bag for your sleeping bag. It’s made of a vinyl or plastic that’s waterproof and has a thin mattress-type pillow inside. You unzip it and tuck your regular sleeping bag into it, then you zip them both up. It keeps you both warm and dry.

Permanent Tents

Permanent Tents

With mice running around and spiders creeping in the dark, swags were actually a better choice than the permanent tents because we’d lie right out in the open. We usually got to our campsite late and couldn’t do a thorough inspection of the tent to rid it of any temporary residents because it was dark. The tents didn’t have any light in them and a flashlight can only do so much. Setting up fresh bedding near the fire was better than sleeping in a tent that hadn’t been used by anyone for who knows how long.

Tent Interior

Tent Interior

Swaggin’ it was one of the best things I’ve done so far on this trip. Lying down next to new friends beside a blazing fire and looking at the stars was amazing. Even when it was cold and we had our heads wrapped in a hood, hat or scarf, it was still great.



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7 responses to “Swaggin’ Under the Stars

  1. Aunty Pat

    Did it keep you warm? How come we don’t have such a thing in the US? There were many times I could have used a swaggin’it. You seem like you’re just enjoying yourself. Makes me smile. Keep doing whatcha doing.

  2. aunty diane

    I think that sounds like fun! I guess you don’t have to worry about turning over and falling out of bed – LOL!

  3. KT

    I slept next to the campfire back in the Woodstock days, though at rock concerts in Wisconsin (summer only). I smelled like campfire smoke the next day. Hope you were upwind! Critters, huh. Euwwww! “Swaggin'” sounds like you would be in a hammock which would be even further from the critters! Glad you are enjoying yourself, and thanks for keeping all of us in the loop!

  4. @A Pat – Yup, it was definitely warm but just completely confining.

    @KT – Yeah I did learn to check for the wind after the first night, but it was pretty variable and didn’t matter in the end. There’s just no way to avoid the bugs and things in Australia.

  5. Big Brother

    Those tent look like permanent buildings. I had imagined those little pup tents that you see in sports authority in the camping section. Funny how cold it gets in the desert at night.

  6. @Big Bro – Yup, they’re permanent because the buses go through there every day. There’s no time to set up pup tents because we usually get to camp late when it’s already dark.

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