Sunrise and Sunset at Uluru

Many people make the trek to Uluru to see the incredible sunrise or sunset and how it changes the color of the rock. Unfortunately, it was cloudy the day we went so nothing magnificent or earth shattering happened.

But there’s always a silver lining to every story.

Even though Uluru didn’t light up, the skies above us did. The sunrise created spectacular yellows, golds, pinks and oranges on the clouds. I’d never seen anything like it before.

It must have been because the sky is so huge in Australia’s Outback. There’s just so much of it. They should call this big sky country instead of Montana. Although, who knows? Maybe sunrises in Montana are just as amazing.

Slide Album: Uluru


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7 responses to “Sunrise and Sunset at Uluru

  1. Kirs

    That’s called a “monadnock on the peneplain.” Rock-on!

  2. aunty diane

    Beautiful skies! How much longer do you have in Australia and then where are you headed next? Enjoy!

  3. KT

    Lovely! Just lovely! That is a big sky, for sure. I think I’ll watch our sunrise tomorrow and see how they compare. Have fun!

  4. @ A. Diane – I spent a total of 2-1/2 months in Australia and am actually in New Zealand already. But, I still have Australia posts scheduled for a while. There were so many things to talk about that the posts aren’t in real time at this point.

  5. Dan

    Hi Dorian,

    love reading your post, Dan & Judy Goo

  6. Big Brother

    We get some pretty nice sunsets here at Kahe power plant but nothing compared to that. Wow.

  7. @Big Bro – And the photos were from a crappy camera. Can you imagine if you had a DSLR??

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