Port Campbell National Park

After an interesting night at Port Campbell YHA, where the toilets and showers stalls are in the hallway and the light is on a timer, we went back to Port Campbell National Park for round two. Andi tried her best to tell us about the area, but I didn’t think she was a very captivating storyteller. She didn’t seem to have the same excitement and love for it as Disco did, and after a while, all the rocks looked the same to me.

Don’t get me wrong though. They were absolutely gorgeous to look at – all orange from the sun and contrasting with the blue water – but to separate one group from another was difficult. I thought I beat the system by taking photos of signs, but they still didn’t help me name the locations after a while.

I know we visited the following sites, but in what order I have no clue. I’ve tried my best to label the locations as I remember them, but don’t hold me to it.

Slide Album: Port Campbell

That is a lot of stops all before we even had lunch, and I could tell people were getting cranky. I was feeling it too and began to regret signing up for a tour. This truly lived up to all the horror stories you hear about group travel – lots of on and off the bus and not much time spent at each site.

To top it off, our bus broke down at one of the locations and Andi had to call her boss to figure out what to do. We were in the middle of nowhere, and it’d take hours I’m guessing for a new bus to arrive. Luckily Freddy, a German automotive engineer, was on hand and did a little banging around. Somehow he managed to get the engine to start, and Andi drove us to a town so we could have our Subway lunch. In town, she tried to get the bus fixed while we wandered around on our own.

When Andi picked us up after lunch, the bus was still broken but we continued to our accommodation in Halls Gap where a new bus would be delivered to us. Because of these unforeseen issues, I think we may have missed out on a hike or two in the afternoon. That was fine by me.

At Halls Gap, dinner wouldn’t be ready until 8 pm so Freddy, Alba, Mei, who is originally from Malaysia but is working as a civil engineer in London, and I decided to do a 2.5 km walk to look for kangaroos. Yes, more kangaroos. Somehow they just don’t get old because I suppose I’ll never get to see them again in the wild once I leave Australia.

It turned dark about 15 minutes into the walk, but Freddy and I had brought our flashlights (or torches as they are called here). The darkness made the walk much more interesting because it felt like we were a group of explorers making our way through the Australian bush. In reality, the path was easy, clearly marked and uneventful.

We returned having successfully spotted numerous kangaroos, emus and a family of ducks. Dinner ended up being late so we headed for the showers. Adventure Tours Australia owned the property so it was actually a step up from a normal hostel. There was even a shower stall and a bathtub at this place. How swanky!

After a dinner of spaghetti bolognese and salad that was filling but not that flavorful, we all went to bed early. Tomorrow, hiking. Yay!

Slide Album: Halls Gap


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7 responses to “Port Campbell National Park

  1. Aunty Pat

    Gorgeous pictures, D!!!

  2. Debbie Adams

    Great Photos. Are you trimming down, you sure look like it. It’s all that walking and hiking. My goodness you look great.

  3. Aunty Suzanne

    You’re right; can’t get enough of kangas. When Mully & I were getting in our car, a momma kanga w/baby in pouch came up to us & tried to get in. The momma even tickled Mully’s knee!

  4. A. Sanj

    Wow, spectacular views – almost like Monument Valley of the ocean!

  5. Diane Nakamichi

    Loved the photos! Had a similar bus problem one time in Europe many years ago when on a tour with my mom. But it makes for an adventure and sometimes something better or more interesting happens. I’m jealous of the sunshine, it’s raining and cold here in Seattle today. Enjoy! Aunty Diane

  6. hemajang

    The guide and bus may have been regrettable but those photos really shows the natural beauty of Australia. Think every tour should have a Disco and Sheila, yeah?

  7. @Deb – I think I have lost a bit of weight but am also getting tanner from being outdoors more so it’s probably a trick of the light. I have not been tan in years!

    @A. Suzanne – Have seen a mom with a joey in her pouch as well. So cute!

    @hema – Definitely would have loved another round with Disco and Sheila.

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