Sydney: Day and Night

Sydney is a gorgeous city that sits right on the water. No matter if it’s day or night, she’s a sight to see. I wish you were here to take it all in first hand. Photos just can’t capture her beauty. 

Slide Album: Sydney: Day & Night


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4 responses to “Sydney: Day and Night

  1. hemajang

    Hi skycastles, I randomly checked your old Movie Addicts Club site and saw your new travel blog. Wow, I think your adventure is great. I always liked your writings and will be following your travels…good luck!
    Last week my co-workers from 1985, yeah, about when you were born, got together for a reunion of sorts for an exchange librarian from Bendigo, Australia. He worked with us for a year and really enjoyed his humor and stories about Australia, a nice guy. He and his wife were visiting and had a great time talking story and catching up. He wants us to visit him in Bendigo…but I dunno, don’t have the same adventurous spirit like you. We live on such a small rock and Australia is a gigantic rock.

  2. Hey Hemajang!!

    Good to hear from you and glad that you found your way here. Yeah, I probably won’t update the movie blog until I stop traveling and at this point I’m not sure when or where that’ll be.

    I looked up where Bendigo is on Google Maps and looks like it’s a fairly big city. I didn’t have to zoom in very far like some of the other towns I’ve been to. You should go visit your friend! It’s great out here. Everyone is really nice. The country is huge though and driving from one place to another takes a while. Bendigo is about 2 hour’s drive away from Melbourne and I think you’ll probably like Melbourne. I was only in St. Kilda overnight, but from what I hear, Melbourne is an artsy kind of place, which seems right up your alley.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting and if you don’t want to keep checking for new posts manually, you can subscribe and an email will be sent to you when a new post is published. Also, I’ve got links in most of the posts – some are videos I’ve posted on YouTube (like a panoramic view at a lookout) and some are just the websites of places I’ve been (like national parks or something).

    Aloha from Down Under!

  3. Big Brother

    Nice pictures. Kinda looks like Seattle (or what I’ve seen of Seattle in the movies and such haha), with the waterline and waterside buildings. Very pretty.

  4. Yeah, I thought it looked like Seattle too, especially pulling out of the ferry dock. Same thing with San Francisco.

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