Public Transportation – Train

Public transportation in and around Sydney using trains is very convenient and easy to use. The trains are frequent and spacious for long rides, and the timetables and maps are simple to understand.

My closest station is about a 20-minute walk from home, and it takes about an hour to get into the city. At first I was a bit intimidated because I didn’t want to get lost. After all, previously I based my sense of direction on mauka (mountain) or makai (ocean) landmarks that, unfortunately, do not apply here.

But after that first successful ride, I’ve come to really love trains. I feel like I’m a kid all over again. While many people use the trains to commute to work, I use it to explore different neighborhoods. I can pick a color/line and see where it leads. With no deadlines and commitments, the trains truly offer a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities.

Slide Album: Rooty Hill Station


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6 responses to “Public Transportation – Train

  1. Aunty Sanj

    I agree – the train is a great way to explore a city. A. Pat, Maura & I got around Paris by train. Uncle and I usually catch the train to explore places where our tour is not going. Now that LA is completing more lines, I can go more places.

  2. KT

    Woo woo! Gotta love the train! It’s great that you are confident enough to go exploring. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience. Keep writing and posting those cool pix!

  3. Kirs

    Very interesting comments about life in the land down under. Toilets that have full and 1/2 settings; composting in the suburbs; train system…

    Keep the posts comming and enjoy your adventure.

    How about the food, eat anyhting interesting? Tell us about Vegemite.


  4. @Kris – So far I’ve tried kangaroo steak, camel sausage and buffalo sausage but that’ll wait for another post. I’ve only tried vegemite once and it was only a quarter of a slice of bread so I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on that one. I’ll have to try it again sometime. But it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating.

  5. Big Brother

    Trains are cool. I remember catching the tram from Stockton to San Francisco with Mom and Deb. Not so sure about the rail they’re buiding here at home though.

    Hey, find out why the town is called “Rooty Hill”. Been dying to ask about it.

  6. According to Wikipedia, it was named after an area on Norfolk Island. It was difficult to build on the island because of the roots in the ground so that place was called “the rooty hill.” When the dude came over here, it reminded him of the first place and he named it Rooty Hill.

    I’ve found that Aussies call things like they seem them. There are no fancy or creative names. For instance, there’s a range called the Blue Mountains nearby. The mountains look blue from afar because of the eucalyptus trees. They also call one of their poisonous spiders the Red-Back Spider because its back is red.

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