Sentimental, What?

Ever since I announced my plans to take a yearlong trip people have asked me if I’m scared, excited or nervous. They’ve called me brave and asked how my parents feel about it. My stock response was that it hasn’t really hit me yet because I have tons to do before I even leave. I said that my mom was hesitant at first but has come around and that my dad hasn’t and probably won’t say much.

But, now that I’ve made it through check in and TSA (which wasn’t that bad) and am sitting here waiting for my gate to open up, the entirety of this adventure is completely hitting me. This bit of sentimentality started trickling in at breakfast (thanks a lot Deb), and I haven’t been able to fully kick it yet. Me, sentimental? Who knew?

Logically, I know that this adventure won’t last forever and that I’ll be home sooner than I realize. But, for once logic isn’t really taking the lead. For once, I’m actually getting quite emotional as I sit in front of a duty-free shop selling U.H. Warrior gear and god-awful Hawaiian print neck pillows.

Duty-free Shop

People are walking by – kids, old people, couples and families – and they all seem to have a purpose. They’re either leaving for a vacation or returning from one. They’re either leaving work behind or returning to it. But, what am I doing? Neither because I’m completely and utterly free of all ties . . . and isn’t that beautiful?

So even though I feel like leaving home is the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and you all who called me brave may want to retract that statement after reading this entry), I’m still going to do it once I get over the mushy, girl emotions that are flooding my senses.

As my nephew said this morning, “just say yes” to everything. Yes to the weird sadness of leaving home. Yes to an awesome, life-changing trip. Yes to the backache due to over packing. Yes to the 10-hour flight that leaves in about an hour. Yes to the wonderful unknown void that lies before me. Just say yes.



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9 responses to “Sentimental, What?

  1. KT

    YES is a good plan. Have fun!

  2. I feel like walking around and repeating the First Hawaiian tagline – “Yes You Can” lol

  3. Bryan

    I like the words of wisdom…did you used to work at First Hawaiian Bank? I am inspired by your strength of character. A lot of people would like to say “yes”, but for various reasons are unable to (namely myself). If I had your strength….I would have been on a plane many years ago seeking my own personal adventures and dreams! But alas, I am sitting at my desk at work and typing these words to you. If possible, I would like to ask to live my dreams through your eyes and your adventures….so please keep us all upadated!

    Have fun and live life!!!!!!!

  4. Van


  5. Hey Bryan! No, of course not. I’m strictly a credit union gal lol Hope everything’s going well at work. I suppose we’ll both just need to take it one day at a time. The invitation to join me is still open – just save up your PTO and some money and fly over here. Yes You Can!

  6. Hi Vangie! How are you and your family? It’s been so long since we’ve gotten together but it’s great to hear from you now. I saw the pix of your kids on FB and they’re so grown up. Amazing that it’s so fast!

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